Bonorong Wildlife Sanctuary Daily Shuttle

Bonorong Wildlife Sanctuary Daily Shuttle


Shuttles Depart: 01:00PM daily (All Year Round)

Ride the official Bonorong Shuttle departing from Hobart daily. Our 01:00PM shuttle is timed to meet the Bonorong Wildlife Sanctuary scheduled tour at 01:30PM

Learn about our truly unique Australian and Tasmanian wildlife, experience the Tasmanian devil munching on a snack and learn more about our endangered animals. You can feed the Kangaroos and you might even be lucky to see a joey in the pouch. See the Koalas, Wombats, native birds and more in a truly unforgettable experience not to be missed!

Come join us today or add Bonorong to one of our other day tours or personalised day tours in and around Hobart.

Learn more about the sanctuary at:


Everything You Need To Know?


(Bonorong Entry Fees / Shuttle Return Ticket Fees)


Bonorong is funded entirely by their entry fees. This means every time they rescue an animal it is because someone like you visited! They do not receive government funding.

Our Shuttle Service is completely separate from Bonorong itself and compliments it by having a direct transport link that is not part of a big day tour.

  • Bonorong Shuttle Ticket Cost: $39 Adults (15 Years+), $35 Children (4-14 Years), $30 Infant (3 Years & Under)
  • ———————————————————————————————————————————————————–
  • Bonorong Entry: Family 2 adults, 2 children $95; Adult $32.50; Child 3-15 years old $18.50; Infant 2 and under FREE.
  • (Bonorong entry fees not included in shuttle ticket cost).


(Shuttle Departure & Timing Details)


  • Shuttle Departure Location: Tasmanian Travel and Information Centre in Hobart. (16 – 20 Davey St, Hobart, TAS 7000)
  • Shuttle Departure Times: Our Bonorong Shuttle Departs 01:00PM Daily at Tasmanian Travel & Information Centre / the shuttle departs Bonorong Sanctuary at 03.30PM
  • Shuttle Meets What Bonorong Tours?: Our 1PM shuttle departure aims to meet the 01:30PM Bonorong Daily Tour, external factors such as traffic delays may affect this.
  • How Long Do I Get At Bononrong?: All our shuttle services regardless of departure times allow for two hours in the Bonorong Wildlife Sanctuary.
  • Is The Shuttle Ticket a Return Ticket?: Yes all our Bonorong shuttle services are a return ticket as long as you leave at your designated departure time.
  • Does The Shuttle Run At Other Times?: Yes, sometimes we have other timings or more departures available based on perceived demand and other factors.
  • Minimum Passenger Numbers: Our shuttle service has a minimum of 2 pax per departure, if this requirement is not met by the day of departure unfortunately we may have to cancel the departure. If this happens you will have the option to purchase a second ticket for a maximum cost of $78  Return to Bonorong, this will meet our minimum requirement to run and is cheaper for a return trip then either a taxi OR Uber would be. Otherwise you will be entitled to a full refund.


(Cruise Ship Season Information)


  • When Does This Alternate Timetable Run? Our alternate timetable is in effect for the cruise ship season only and only on port days with large cruise ships in port.


(Cruise Ship Season, Bonorong Shuttle Schedule)


  • 09:45AM Shuttle Departure: Our 09.45AM Shuttle departs from the Tasmanian Travel and Info Centre, This Shuttle Departs Bonorong Wildlife Sanctuary at 12:15PM
  • 11:15AM Shuttle Departure: Our 11:15AM Shuttle departs from the Tasmanian Travel and Info Centre, This Shuttle Departs  Bonorong Wildlife Sanctuary at 01:45PM
  • 01:00PM Shuttle Departure: Our 01:00PM Shuttle departs from the Tasmanian Travel and Info Centre, This Shuttle Departs Bonorong Wildlife Sanctuary at 03:30PM
  • 02:30PM Shuttle Departure: Our 02:30PM Shuttle departs from the Tasmanian Travel and Info Centre, This Shuttle Departs Bonorong Wildlife Sanctuary at 05:00PM
  • Please Note: the 11:15AM shuttle does not meet any specific daily tours at Bonorong, as it is an extra service we are providing on Cruise Ship Port days.
  • What If I Want To Come Back Later?: You will need to book two separate tickets on the respective shuttles with the departure and return times you wish to ride.
  • (For Example) I wish to ride the 09:45AM Shuttle, but I wish to return on the 03.30PM Bonorong departure. So I will need to book a ticket on both the 09:45AM Shuttle departure and the 01.00PM shuttle services to guarantee I have a seat available. We will know that you are then riding two ways on two different shuttles and our seats can’t be oversold.


If you have any further questions on any of the above, please email or phone us for clarification.


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