Private & Personalised Multiday Tour

Private & Personalised Multiday Tour


In this tour you decide and we’ll tour guide and drive. This experience is exactly what you want it to be. Through consultation with you we will work out your ideal day, what’s important you and what interests you the most. We will then put together your ideal itinerary. If your not sure what you want to see but want a personalised experience, that’s ok because we will ensure you have a great day based on your interests. Also if you see elements or attractions in our other tours on offer and would like a mix of various destinations we can do that to. A personalised tour is exactly what you want it to be from start to finish.

Please contact us directly through email to organise this tour, as online booking is unavailable for this type of tour.

  • Tour Duration: X Days, X nights
  • Cost: Starting from $125 per person per day, for groups of 4 or more
  • Minimum touring rates apply to groups of 3 or less
  • Personalised / Private Tour
  • Flexible Itinerary, curated by you with planning help from us.
  • Accommodation is not included and is in addition to the tour cost.
  • Food & Drink is not included in this tour, to be purchased whilst on tour.
  • Pick up / drop off to your hotel or chosen location each day
  • National Park entry fee included, where applicable

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