Frequently Asked Questions About Our Personalised Tours in Tasmania

What makes Heart of Tasmania Tours different to other tour operators?

Heart of Tasmania offers genuine, local private tours of Tasmania at an affordable price, with a private tour guide from Tasmania.

You’ll get a guided tour of Tasmania giving you a choice of transport and tour options to handpick your own tour experience.

We also charge a small flat rate of $100 per person, per day, and you can pay your entry to attractions. However, if you would like us to create an all-costs-included Tasmania tour package, we can do that too. Simply contact us.

Which places can you visit on a Heart of Tasmania Tour?

It is completely your choice. You are in the driver’s seat. You can tailor your tour to suit your needs and budget, including private tours of Hobart, food and wine tours in Tasmania, Tasmania sightseeing tours, Cradle Mountain tour or Tasmania day trips.

You’re only limited by your imagination.

How much do you charge?

We charge a small flat rate of $100 per person per day (for up to 6 people), and you can plan your tour to include any destination on the island.

Do you only operate a certain tour on a certain day?

Heart of Tasmanian Tours run on demand. All you have to do is book and pay, and choose your preferred time, day and itinerary.

How many people can you carry per tour?

We can carry up to 11 people in our mini bus, and 22 across our fleet of three different size vehicles. (7 seater, 8 seater, 12, seater)

Do you still run a tour with only one or two people?

Yes, we will run a tour of three or fewer people. The charge is a minimum of $300 for the day.

Why don’t you include entry fee to attractions?

At Heart of Tasmania Tours, our philosophy is having flexibility and choice while your touring with us. Our overall cost per person is cheaper to align with this philosophy. This means a more affordable and flexible touring experience.

Are there any extra costs?

Depending on the tour type or request, there may be other factors such as hotel costs for multi-day tours, extra hours, ferry costs, etc. If your personalised tour has any of these extra costs, we will include it in your quote or itinerary when you enquire or book with us.

Can we charter a special trip?

Yes, you can! We receive requests all the time for special out-of-the-box tours or trips. The most common being Mt Wellington at sunrise and sunset, and chasing the Southern Lights. We know all the best places to see the lights and we can forecast and recommend the best night for you to see them during your stay. So enquire today as we can work it in with our regular tour booking and your other bookings with us.

What is included in the tours?

Heart of Tasmania Tours include: National Park entry fees, special requests while on tour, local Tasmanian guide, comfortable touring vehicles, unlimited time at attractions, and the ultimate flexibility for a genuine, personalised Tasmania tour.

Terms and conditions of our flexible itinerary’s?

Heart of Tasmania Tours allows you the customer, to have the ultimate flexibility in building, designing your ideal day tour and making on the fly changes to your itinerary while on tour with us. We will always endeavour to as much as humanly possible, meet the needs of you and your group and the itinerary you have requested. However we will not be held responsible, for the following reasons that may result in our day tour / multiday tour with you needing to be changed or changed completely based on circumstances beyond our control.

  • Very limiting weather conditions.
  • Unavoidable road closure’s.
  • Unsafe conditions, bush fire, ice, snow, extreme wind & rain, etc….
  • Limiting time factors where the itinerary in question has not been provided by us and therefore is impossible to complete in one day or as written.
  • Unavoidable closure of attractions and or food & drink establishments where by, there are external factors beyond our control.
  • Unadvisable / unrecommended changes to the original itinerary on the day of the tour booking, including whilst on tour. Whereby, the end result of the tour because of your own changes is then deemed an unpleasant or not an enjoyable experience by you and/or other passengers at the end of the tour.

Where in Tasmania do you operate?

We are based in Hobart, but we operate all over Tasmania.

Do you pick up in Launceston or remote locations across Tasmania?

Yes, we can arrange a pick-up at a location of your choice. If you require this, just us know and we will give you a quote.

How can I book?

You can contact us directly via email, phone, social media or our website to
request a booking or quote on your desired tour. Once you are happy with your booking and want to confirm it, we require a 10% deposit that can be paid online through a secure portal or you can pay over the phone with our secure EFTPOS system. Click below to make a reservation or request a quote.

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