Authentic Personalised Tours of Tasmania Delivering an Unforgettable Local Experience
Heart of Tasmania Tours provides a 100% Tasmanian local tour with a genuine, local tour guide who was born and bred right here in Tasmania so you can see the best the Apple Isle has to offer – all chosen by you!

You can tailor your tour of Tasmania to what you want to do and amend the itinerary to suit your tastes and budget. You can take in the breathtaking Tasmania sightseeing hot spots, or opt for guided tours around Tasmania, discover the best things to do in Hobart or book a delicious food and wine tour in Tasmania or see the majestic Southern Lights if luck is on our side.

We specialise in small group guided tours of Tasmania for discerning travellers who prefer a tour at a pace they’re comfortable with, to places they’ll truly love.

Heart of Tasmania Tours – Love This Place!

Bespoke Guided Tours of Tasmania Made for Your Tastes and Budget

With us at Heart of Tasmania Tours, you can visit any destinations across the island, for a small flat rate starting from $125 per person per day.

Compare that with some tour operators that charge $180 or more per day, but that fee is disguised by including the entry prices to attractions in their guided tours of Tasmania. We don’t include entry to any attractions in our prices so you can tailor your experience to where you want to go, and pay the entry fee when you arrive.

You also get a private tour guide in Tasmania, who knows the Apple Isle’s best-kept secrets and destinations. No two tours are ever the same, and you’ll get insider knowledge and surprising details about everywhere you choose to visit.

That way, you enjoy a completely bespoke Tasmania local tour curated by you, that’s unlike any other tour anywhere in Tasmania.

Choose from:

  • Private tours of Hobart
  • Guided tours around Tasmania
  • Food and wine trails in Tasmania
  • Tasmania sightseeing tours
  • Cruise ship day tours
  • Cradle Mountain tours
  • Tasmania day tours
  • Hobart day trips
  • Guided tours to top attractions across Tasmania
  • Secret locations and little-known attractions

Or create your own personalised tour of Tasmania to include Launceston, Bay of Fires, Wineglass Bay, Bruny Island, Mount Wellington, Richmond, and more!

Heart of Tasmania also offers personalised transport options, including airport and hotel transfers, starting at just $60.

Forget Scrambling On and Off a Packed Tour Bus – This is Your VIP Pass to the Best Tasmanian Local Tours

Heart of Tasmania’s philosophy is offering authentic local Tasmanian experiences at an affordable price for memories that last a lifetime.

You’ll get a personalised tour of Tasmania with a private tour guide from Tasmania giving you a choice of transport and tour options to handpick your own tour experience.

We charge a small flat rate starting from $125 per person per day (for up to 7 and or 11 people), and let you be in the driver’s seat of where you want to go – you can plan your tour to include any destination on the island.

You’re given an all-access pass to design your guided tour of Tasmania that’s 100% flexible, to include destinations and attractions you want to see – all you have to do is pay of the entry fee and enjoy! (Entry fees can be included upon request for an all-inclusive package, too.)

Heart of Tasmania is
perfect if you want:

  • A no-fuss experience where everything is catered for and curated by you
  • An experience that’s better than a guided bus tour of Tasmania, where you hop on and off at various set destinations
  • Local knowledge and interesting stories that you can’t find just by searching online
  • VIP access to a tour and the power to control the pace, itinerary and destinations
  • To choose and curate your own personalised tour of Tasmania
  • To avoid fighting through crowds to see attractions and scrambling for your seat on the tour bus
  • A genuine experience that is tailored to you, not a carbon copy of the last tour that ran yesterday
  • Value for money with a small flat rate and a completely bespoke experience that you control.

If you have questions about Heart of Tasmania private tours of Tasmania, check out our FAQs.


We are the First Choice When it Comes to Exclusive Private Tours in Tasmania

Heart of Tasmania is led by Kyle Hohne, a Tasmanian native who provides 100% personalised tours of Tasmania, for 10 years.

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